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Volunteer or Foster

Do you want to contribute to our cause but just can't seem to find time in your busy schedule? In an ideal world, every human being would be compassionate enough to lend a helping hand. As a nonprofit organization, we depend on volunteers, fundraising, and donations to keep us running. Unfortunately, in today’s world, the majority of us have full schedules, with hardly any time for ourselves, much less, time to volunteer. Luckily, there are many ways to contribute without having to be physically present on a regular basis; From volunteering during an event, to making a donation, staying informed, advocating online, fostering, or simply following our FB page and sharing our posts, there are endless opportunities to get involved.

Volunteer Application




How to Foster

Fostering is free, and we can always use foster homes. Foster’s must be willing to bring the pet to meet and greets, which will be scheduled based on their availability.

Once you fill out a foster application, please call or text Yessi at 530-517-2348 to discuss which pet would fit your home best as a foster. 

Some foster situations we need the most include but are not limited to:

  • Pregnant mamas about to give birth ‚Äč
  • Orphaned litters, if you have a nursing mama or bottle feeding experience, we need you!
  • Fospice, these are pets who have a terminal condition, and a quiet loving home is ideal for them to spend there ending days. All medical bills, medications, and food and other essentials will be provided by us or a vet office we designate.
  • Stressed Pets, sometimes we have pets who come in and are so stressed in this environment that they hurt themselves trying escape, or shut down to where they refuse to eat. This is very rare, but when it does happen, we really need people to open up there homes to these poor souls. Even if it is just temporarily.


Foster Application

Questions? Send us an email!

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